Where to Direct Your MLM Prospects

When you join a network marketing or any affiliate type of business, they will give you a website that you can direct prospects too. Your prospects will have the opportunity to look at what you have to offer and sign up for the product or service. In 2006, when I started a network marketing business, I would direct prospects to the site my sponsor provided. The problem with this approach is that I had no way of tracking who came to my site! Money was literally going down the drain and opportunities were lost.:(

Here is what you need in your business to do to avoid the mistake I made:

Direct prospects to a landing page with an opt-in form.
- A landing page is a website that will sit in front of your sponsored website.
- An opt-in form is a back office database that will store information such as the name and email address of a potential client.

Directing prospects to your landing page allows you to see who is interested in your product. It also allows you to stay in contact with your potential client. It usually takes up to seven interactions with a prospect before they become a client. Being able to communicate with a prospect multiple times is crucial to your businesses!

I use this strategy in all of my businesses to generate sales and I have found major success. Keeping in contact with a prospect builds relationships and those relationships convert into sales. Relationship building is the foundation of a successful Multi-Level Marketing Business. Both on the client side and for building your team.

Make Money Online With Targeted Social Media Marketing

To make money online with social media marketing, your efforts must be both targeted and focused. Targeted social media marketing describes a strategically designed marketing campaign focused on using social media channels to attract a narrowly defined audience for lead generation or branding purposes.

If you are like many others interested in “make money online” strategies, you are probably relatively new to internet business, and I will assume you are more interested in web traffic generation and income strategies through social media than in “corporate branding”.

In the sections below, I will share a simple series of principles for maximizing your use of web 2.0 and social media marketing to build your income online. Here are a few of my best ideas on this topic.

1. Know Your Customer

Your social media marketing efforts will degenerate into a waste of time, money and attention if you do not already have your core customer well defined. You should ask yourself a few questions like:

Who Do I Want To Sell To Or Share With?
What Knowledge, Passions, And Skills Could I Leverage?
What Problems Are The People I Know Dealing With?
What Are The Problems For Which I Need And Want A Solution?
These questions can help you decide on the market you want to work with. Areas you could successfully target include health and fitness, dating and relationships, marriage, technology and tech products, internet marketing, business, career, etc.

Pick one based on your personal preferences, expertise, background and experiences. After you choose a theme, identify the markets that are interested in that area, and then narrow that market down by gender, geography, spiritual philosophy, or by commonality of needs, wants and habits.

If your settle on a business market, you should still do some sort of demographic profiling that defines who you are going to be talking to.

2. Identify Where They Are

Your next step after identifying who you want to work with, communicate with and sell to, is to identify which websites or social platforms they congregate in and what web 2.0 tools and services they are likely to use. This varies widely and depends on the marketplace you choose.

For instance, if you are a realtor, or targeting realtors for your products, you would be best served to use a mix of broader social networking sites (like Facebook and Twitter) and professional specialty networks (like ActiveRain, Realtown, and RealEstateInvestor.com) as well as online using web 2.0 tools like postlets.com and others.

3. Create a Content-Based Attraction Funnel

Monetizing social media programs is most easily done by connecting your social media networking, engagement and content with easy to sell back end programs like information products and paid virtual events (teleseminars, webinars, membership programs).

You can either create your own information products, or sign up to be an affiliate for products and programs that are relevant to the marketplace you have chosen. At which point, you want to start sharing authoritative, informative, entertaining and relevant content with your social media networks.

Whether you decide to set up your own website, or just settle for using the market-relevant platforms online, I strongly recommend signing up for an email marketing account. Services like Aweber.com and MailChimp.com (which has a free option) are tremendously useful. Using these services you can set up email capture forms with which you can begin to build targeted lists to send email marketing campaigns to.

4. Engage And Sell

Other than developing your own new technology that gets used by millions of people, the easiest way to make money online is to sell a product or service directly, or represent them for a cut of income. The back-end monetization of social media outreach is as varied as the back end strategy for any other method of gaining attention and traffic online.

By successfully connecting your social media traffic to an email list, you gain more control to do the continuous direct marketing that has proven to be most profitable online. However, many marketers have also been successful at creating significant affiliate income just by maintaining engagement on these Web 2.0 properties and then sending their audience directly to affiliate opportunities.

No matter which tactic you employ, always keep up with the culture of the social networks you are participating in. The written and unwritten codes of conduct vary for each. What works successfully on Twitter, may be completely unacceptable on Facebook.

Why Your Sales Letter is an Important Factor in Your Direct Mail Campaign

In any direct mail campaign, the sales letter component is critical. Even though you have to take consideration in the mailing list and the actual offer, your sales letter contains the words that will persuade someone into buying your products. Because of this, it is essential that you pay good attention to how your sales letter is structured and whether it’s good enough to close someone on a sale.

Before mailing out your letter, it will help to get an understanding of your ideal prospect. You should know what their wants and needs are, and the problems that they are currently going through in their life. It’s your sales letter’s duty to win your prospects over, and to sell them on taking the action that you want them to take.

One of the best ways to make your letter sell well is to educate your readers. Your direct mail sales letter should offer more information about the problems that they have and how you can potentially solve it for them. Give them available options to their problem and show them they your solution is the best. This is what an effective sales letter does and is something that yours should be doing too.

Very few people offer information about their problem so you will be looked upon as someone who is helpful. Because of this, you will differentiate yourself from the crowd and your prospects will love you for it.

Your direct mail sales letter has to eliminate all obstacles that are hindering you from making the sale. After you’ve given your prospects information about their problem, it’s now time to deal with any kind of doubt that they will have in their mind. You sales letter’s goal should be to eliminate all so that they can pick you as the clear solution to their problem.

One way your direct mail sales letter can remove doubt is with a strong money back guarantee. This will instill confidence in your reader in the fact that they can get their money back if they aren’t satisfied with your product. If you’re not a person who likes money back guarantees, then you should start using them today as they can dramatically increase conversion rates.

After you have offered them a money back guarantee, your sales letter should know get ready to close your prospect on the sale. At this point, you want to remove all fear that they may have regarding purchasing, and you want to assure them that they’re making a good decision by taking you up on your offer.

Let them know that there isn’t any obligation whatsoever. Remind them of your money back guarantee and use certain “trigger words” to get them to act now. Trigger words are words that quickly paint mental images in your prospects mind and that allow them to make a swift decision about something. Some of the best trigger words and phrases are: “buy now”, “click here to buy now”, “don’t wait, take action now”, “risk free”, and even “free”. You should use a combination of these words to finally close your prospect on the sale.

Once you’ve eliminated fear from your prospect, then you can be confident that your direct mail sales letter will do it’s job. Good luck on your next direct mail campaign and getting people to respond to your offers.

5 Direct Mail Strategies That Can Do Wonders For Your Business

Perhaps you’ve seen a lot of articles in the internet which give you tips and advice on how to succeed in this form of advertising but again, if you are not able to comprehend those tips, they won’t work.

Here is another chance for you to gain some tips and strategies so that your direct mail advertising will blossom.

An Eye-Catching Headline.

Do away with those typical and bland styles of sales letters because that won’t catch your reader’s attention.

Just like in newspaper, you can never excite readers to read the news unless they’re intrigued with the headline. This goes the same with direct mail. You have to make a concise but striking headline for your letters not be thrown into the trash.

If you are able to have an effective headline, it will surely catch your readers’ interest and hold their attention for a period of time, giving them an ample time to read what your letter is all about.

Simple Yet Conversational.

Using jargon or technical terms which are difficult to be understand by your target clients will not be effective. What’s the use of those highfalutin words if they wouldn’t be understood at all by the people whom you want to convey your message to.

Write as simply and as conversational as you can. Write as if you are talking to someone close to you.

A Call For Action.

Your direct mail deliverable should call all your target clients to respond to your promotional message. You can let them call you if they have any inquiries, give them the link to your website and respond in there, or let them sign to the order form.

A call for action is very essential in closing sales. Make sure that you request your target clients to do so because if you don’t, usually they won’t do anything at all.

Give them a specific time frame for when their deadline is to give you their response and if they do it on time, give them freebies or special offers.

In this way, you are encouraging them to respond immediately and be curious with the products and services you are offering.

Benefits For Customers.

We cannot deny the fact that people go for things with which they can benefit a lot. They would always want to get the best out of what they have paid for.

Tell your readers how they would benefit from availing your product and how your product does differ from all other products in the market.

You should also be good in selling yourself. Make sure that you and your company has a good background which your customer can trust. Most of all, please make sure that you are convincing enough.

These are the things which can really help you in your direct mail advertising. Follow all of these and let your direct mail campaigns bloom.

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